Acing your formal attire

Formal Wear Essentials For Women

Pulling off a formal attire is not cakewalk - not only do you have to pair clothes that suit you, but you have to make sure that they go with your work style as well. It is necessary to make sure that your wardrobe is equipped with all the basic formal outfit requirements. Given below are the top 5 essentials: 

  • A White Formal Shirt

A button-down white formal shirt should be one of the most important items of your work wardrobe. High-collared formal shirts are perfect for every formal function, both inside and outside of work. It’s highly adaptable - a white formal shirt can be worn inside your linen jackets, under your business suits or simply paired with formal trousers or skirts. Cotton and linen fabrics are the best for almost every weather condition. 

  • Khaki Pants Or Chinos

You just cannot miss out on the colour brown while setting up your office wardrobe. A pair of khaki pants or chinos is suitable for all types of weather! These can take you through formal functions, board meetings, office parties and even corporate lunches. Brown khaki pants or chinos capture the perfect balance of colour as they are not as dark as black, or as light as pastel colours. They can also be paired with both light and dark coloured tops. 

  • Plain Black Pumps

A pair of plain black pump shoes with a small heel or no heel can be your best option for office parties, lunches or even formal events. They go extremely well with every formal outfit you wear. If you are not a fan of accessories that are plain, you can always go for ones with small handwork or minimal designs.  

  • Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are the most versatile pieces of your formal wardrobe. You can pair it with literally everything - a tucked-in formal shirt, a formal top or even a semi-formal shirt. Pencil skirts go very well with pump shoes or stilettos as well. Petite women can opt for a fitted, short pencil skirt whereas pear-shaped women can go for slightly longer pencil skirts.  

  • A Tote Bag

Professional-looking tote bags in a range of formal colours are definitely great add-ons to your formal outfit. Colours such as grey, brown, red, or black can be the perfect choice to complete your office look. If you’re a person that carries a lot of documents around or a laptop, a stiff professional tote bag can accommodate all your belongings while adding colour to your formal outfit. 


If your wardrobe is equipped with all the basic formal outfit essentials, there can be a minimum of 25 outfit combinations that you can invent with them. If your wardrobe consists of well-fitted clothes, you can walk into any formal event with the utmost confidence. It is important to keep in mind that the way you dress plays a major role in creating an unforgettable first impression!


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