How to complete your college look


A crucial must-have garment to complete the professional look, blazers don’t just enhance your outfit - they make you look and feel the part during any formal event. When it comes to men, classic colours like black, grey, tan and royal blue accentuate their dressing style, while women tend to pick shades that suit their shirts. Blazers also look great on women when they are paired with a formal skirt. 

Handy Tip: Avoid blazers when there’s extensive travelling in the picture, though. Your sweat glands will thank you.  

Polo T-Shirts

A T-shirt is great for a laid-back, casual look, but a polo T-shirt is perfect for all the other kinds of occasions. Not only do they fit the physique well, but the collar also makes it automatically look dressier. If you are heading for an office party or a semi-formal gathering, you can avoid the formal workplace shirts and opt for polos instead. From warm to cool, polos come in a plethora of colours but choose yours only once you’ve got the vibe of your event down. 

Jeans/Formal Pants

From faded jeans to dark denims, low waist or mid waist, skinny or straight fit, the options are endless and so are the colours! The great bit about jeans is that it is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, due to its ability to complement an effortless casual look as well as a semi-formal one. They can be matched with a polo T-shirt for any guy’s casual day out, or with a silk top and suede blazer combination when it comes to women. 

So when it comes to choosing the right pair, keep the occasion in mind. 

If the event is strictly formal, professional pants, pantsuits or trousers should be your go-to wardrobe. Choose a colour that blends with your shirt, tie, blazer, and you’re good to go! 


The perfect lazy day outfit, a sweatshirt is usually the highlight in every casual outing, be it game day or if you’re hitting the gym. It’s usually a staple among college goers as well. But draw the line right there. Wearing these baggy creations to a meeting or a presentation is a big no-no. 

It’s great for Netflix and Chill, though. 


Sneakers, in addition to being super comfortable, can be paired with literally any outfit. Not to mention, the socks that accompany them! Patterns, cut, fit, colours...nothing adds more flair to your feet than a pair of quirky socks. On the other hand, sandals, heels and wedges are also fashion favourites for women but double as appropriate formal footwear when paired with the right kind of outfits. When it comes to men, loafers or oxfords work great with any attire and bring out a polished, professional look. 


Ever seen a college student without one of these? We haven’t either! 

Easy to carry, classy yet fashionable, funky tote bags are every college woman’s go-to accessory. However, it is ideal to switch it up with blacks, browns,  pastels or corresponding muted shades when pairing it with a formal attire. Men usually prefer messenger bags, satchels, or commuter bags that can enhance their professional look.


An important addition to your professional attire, a necktie is the one element that rounds off your formal look. Ranging across a series of colours and sizes, neckties can be paired with formal attires in a variety of interesting ways. Thin neckties of late have been climbing up the trend charts, and are a popular item in the present-day student wardrobe. 


Belts are quite easily one of the most vital accessories. A good belt can take your outfit a long way, and almost always, it’s a good idea to stick to the classics - the blacks, browns and tans. 

Fun fact: Burgandy is steadily climbing the trend ranks as well. 


Strap colour, wrist size, dial size, dial colour, out for all of these factors when you’re adding the finishing touches to your formal look. Another great tip, is to take into consideration the typology of the watch - minimal, bulky, muted or bling, it’s all about what works for you (and your outfit)!  


Last but not least, glares are a must. Not only do these protect you from the harsh sunlight, but they also make for a great add-on. Class in the mornings? Check. Heading to the beach? Check. There’s a variety of glares that you can choose from, and a great tip is to always keep your facial structure in mind before opting for one. 


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