Let’s talk ‘body types’, women!

It goes without saying that women don’t conform to one body type - they cover a wide spectrum of shapes and sizes. Some of them may be broad and strong, others could be tall and lanky, a few are distinguished as well rounded, and a section of the population may be extremely petite as well. When it comes to dressing, an important point to note is that not every outfit suits every body type - knowing your body type and pairing outfits appropriately is a definite must because the outfit you choose can either flatter your look or be a complete, utter mismatch. Here’s how you can match your body type to the perfect outfit:

  • The Hour-Glass Figure

An hour-glass shaped body is said to be neither skinny nor chubby. This body type is characterised by distinct curves, which is usually the standout attribute. Straight-cut skirts or formal pants paired with figure-hugging tops are perfect formal wear picks if you fall under this category. Loose-fitting outfits are generally not suggested, as this style of clothing tends to mask the beauty of this body type. 

  • Pear-Shaped Figure

This physique is said to have a broad frame with wide hips. If you fall under this category, you must be careful in choosing your outfits - a good point is to avoid materials that stick to your body as well. Deep-round neck tops with formal pants that are not so figure-hugging is a good choice. Skirts with gathered waistlines are also not advisable for this physique. 

  • Stubby Figure

For a streamlined look, a great tip is to choose colours that are darker and match each other well, such as dark and light blues. Avoid hugely contrasting colours between your bottom and top halves, because this will cause a break-up in your look. Switch to V-necks instead of crew necks. When it comes to footwear, always go for low contrast colours as they will portray an elongated impression of your body. 

  • Petite Figure

Long dresses that fall loose on your body are usually not recommended for this physique. Your clothes need to be shaped in such a way that it does not fall loose nor stick to your body. Tops with deep neck usually enhance the shape of your body. Most petite women look good in tucked-in tops paired with formal skirts. Footwear that covers up for their height is recommended as long as the person is comfortable wearing it. 

  • A Well Endowed Figure

Women with this physique need to pay attention while choosing their outfits. V-necks and scoop cuts are the safest necklines for people who come under this category. Choosing the right fabric also matters a great deal. Avoid tight-fitting clothes and make sure that the outfit is tailor-made to fit your body type. Darker colours will also help you carry your outfit well! 


All body types are beautiful. With the right pairing of suitable clothing, colours and accessories, everyone can enhance their look. Finding outfits that suit you well is one thing, but wearing them the right way is what really matters!

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