Selecting & styling your workwear

You’re doing great at your job, but it’s also important to feel stylish and look confident at work. In addition, your workwear should also be comfortable, because what we wear influences our working atmosphere. A uniform style isn’t about repeating or wearing the same thing over and over - it’s about having a signature look and a selection of classic pieces in your wardrobe where you can mix and match anything! 

Choose The Best

Nowadays, many modern workplaces offer their employees a choice when it comes to selecting their workwear. If you have such an option in your workplace, always choose the workwear that works best for you, and the workwear that you feel the most comfortable in. If women prefer to not show their legs, then opting for the pants rather than the skirt works wonders - these tiny choices will monumentally improve how you look and feel at work! 

You Always Have Control Over Your Look

Even if you’re wearing uniform or workwear, you always do have an element of choice to control your look. Your hair, make-up, accessories, and shoes are integral parts of the styling process. Always opt for the latest trending fashion to stay relevant. For women, it’s a great tip to always carry around a scarf and for men, a jacket is a must, just in case you want to add some glam to your office look or change up your appearance respectively. 

What’s Your Workwear Style?

Always keep in mind that your style plays a part in your identity as well. What you can do to keep it fresh in the formal look department is to switch things up, keeping the baseline style in place. For example, if you are a person who always prefers button-up shirts and tailored pants, a great tip is to build on to that by adding a blazer or adding accessories which will enhance your look. 

What Fabric Person Are You?

Cotton, linen, suede and other materials are the usual fabrics that adorn a formal wardrobe. Cotton is known for giving a crisp and distinguished look. Linen is known for its refined elegance, as well as its reliability and durability. Suede is highly classy as well! It’s great to have a fabric that you prefer the most, but it’s also interesting to change it up from time to time. 

Colour Palette

Your uniform style doesn’t necessarily always have to be on the darker tones. Pale greys and pastels are always a good choice! Always create a colour palette for your wardrobe, so you can have a minimalistic set of clothes that can be matched with each other in no time at all. 


The perception, for the longest time, has been centred around the fact that style and workwear are the opposite ends of the spectrum - however, those days are long gone! As long as you choose your formal wardrobe the right way, invest in the right type of clothing, and style your formal wear strategically and smartly, your look will give you the right amount of confidence to do (and look) excellent at work!

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