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Detailed perfection that makes you

look good and feel great. Put it on. It's like magic.

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Naturally Cutting-Edge.

The ‘best of both worlds’ has a new definition. Every fabric in the acecraft line-up is made from a blend of two fibres to give you the best range. No tech involved - it’s just the touch of nature.

The Blended Wool

The Blended Wool is a class apart - with a mix of polyester for its wrinkle/crease-resistance and wool for warmth and absorbency, end your day looking the same as how you began it.

The Blended Cotton

The Blended Cotton is extremely strong and breathable. Easy to iron, this variant shrinks lesser than pure cotton and retains its colour, which makes it a favourite choice for your everyday college wear.

The Blended Viscose

The Blended Viscose addition combines two ends of the spectrum - durability and a sense of softness. While the polyester contributes to resilience and shape retention, the viscose adds on to the overall absorbency, both sharpening and softening your look at the same time.



Very comfy.

It’s not just the fabric - it’s also the fit.

The shoulders and sleeves fit right while the body feels relaxed, making it undoubtedly the best.

Your pre-trial.

Powered by our AI.

The acecraft Measurement Process is one among the world's most accurate methods. We set up a pre-trial event in your campus and make each one try on the right fit. No more guessing the right size business.

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