How can I pay on acecraft?

Acecraft offers you multiple payment methods. You can pay using your Debit Card, Credit Card, E-Wallet or Internet Banking.

Is it safe to pay via Credit/Debit/E-Wallets on Acecraft?

All Payments on have been secured and facilitated by PAYTM. Paytm uses 128 bit encryption by VeriSign for security & follows Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard mandated by the card association networks & administered by Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Why do Orders fail?

You may have accidentally entered Incorrect Card Details like-

    • Incorrect name on the Card
    • Incorrect Card number
    • Wrong Card expiry Date
    • Incorrect CVV Number
    • The card details shared may no longer be valid
    • You accidentally closed/refreshed the page or pressed backspace while the transaction was being processed by your bank
    • The connection between acecraft/Payment Gateway with your bank failed due to some technical issues and the transaction couldn’t be completed
    • Your card may be blocked for Online Transactions
    • You may have entered the wrong Password/OTP thrice
    • The bank declined your payment
    • Bad Network/Internet connectivity

What do I do incase my Order has failed?

In-case your Order has failed due to the above reasons, please do wait for 10mins and then try re-booking. For an uninterrupted and better Shopping experience, ensure you are connected to a WiFi/LAN Network or a 3G enabled network.