5 classic looks for her

Formal attires undoubtedly bring out the best in women - it’s bold, classy, versatile and above all, makes an unforgettable style statement. However, it’s crucial to always dress according to the occasion - make sure you don't lose the essence of your formal wear when you mix & match your favourite outfits. Here are five classic looks for you: 

Look 1

Formal Pant + Blouse

Headed to a casual business meeting or a potential client meet up? Have no idea what to wear? Make it as simple as a classic pants and blouse combination! A pair of cotton or khaki ankle-length pants styled with a semi-formal linen, cotton or chiffon blouse creates the perfect formal look. 

Look 2


Skirt + Top

Got an interview to attend? Or are you flying out of the city for a conference? Tired of sticking to the same crisp white shirt and formal pants combination? Here’s how you can change up your look while striking a balance between your typical formal look and a creative approach - just pair a pencil skirt with a top in a neutral colour palette!

Look 3

Pants/Skirts + Full Sleeve Shirts

Wearing the same outfits to work every day can get boring and make your life feel mundane. For a change, you can subtly make the switch to different outfits. The idea is to pair a pant or skirt with full sleeve shirts. Always keep this point in mind - the shirts shouldn’t be in dark colours, but the pants or the skirt can be.

Look 4

Blouse + Bow + Skirt

If elegance is what you’re aiming for, this outfit does the job excellently! A blouse with a bow gives you a refined look, especially when it’s paired with a skirt. Avoid blouses which have prints or any patterns - plain ones do the trick much better. Also, this is a great look for any business meeting. 

Look 5

Khaki Suit

A khaki suit is an extremely versatile outfit to have in your wardrobe - it gives both a professional and a polished look. It’s essential that any khaki suit should have a matching khaki skirt, and a light coloured contrast shirt. 


The first impression on your potential employer should always be the best one, so it’s imperative to dress in formals when attending formal functions. For the best-customised workwear that’s tailored to perfection, visit Acecraft and have a look at our expansive range! 

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