About us

Acecraft was founded in Bangalore, India, in the summer of 2016.

Brand Story

Being the best, for the best.
Ever since our inception in 2016, we have always strived to change one aspect - the stagnant nature of organisational clothing. What was initially started as student startup, has now evolved to become one of India's fastest-growing clothing companies. At acecraft, we believe in creating products that not only look premium but feel that way as well. Each garment reflects what we stand for as a brand, as well as the organisation it is perfectly handcrafted for. Fueled by high-quality fabrics, backed by unique product design and complemented by exquisite craftsmanship, every product we create is an experience in itself.
Welcome to the reinvented
Welcome to acecraft

What We Believe

To reinvent uniforms and emphasize on dressing done the smart way, focusing on product design, fit, feel and finish.
We celebrate the principles of a truly custom made uniform, and embrace the technology that allows us to make it available to everyone, everywhere.

What We Make

Designer uniforms, custom fitted for every customer.
We deeply believe in using only the highest quality materials, with a superior look and feel, and a durability that will dramatically increase the lifespan of the product.
Our materials are sourced from the best vendors around India and are hand selected based on their quality, and the ethically sound nature of their production.
All our production is done in India.

Our Team

Want To Join The Team?

Send your Resume to job@acecraft.in